Q & A about mental health

Q. How can I find out additional information about Behavioral Health practices?

A. You can go to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration at www.michigan.gov/mdch and then to Mental Health and Substance Abuse (in the left column). The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website www.samhsa.gov is another good resource, as well as SAMHSA's National Registry on Evidence-based Programs and Practices, viewable at www.nrepp.samhsa.gov.

Woman jumping over a hurdle on a tack field. This represents overcoming mental health and substance use disordersQ. What is Behavioral Health care?

A. Behavioral Health care is a term intended to include treatment and intervention services for both mental health and substance use disorders. Although these conditions clearly have neurological/biological components, the "behavioral" descriptor was coined to differentiate these disorders from what are traditionally understood as physical health disorders, not to imply that mental illness or addictive disorders are to be understood or addressed primarily or solely as "behaviors."

Q. What is an Evidence-based Practice?

A. Evidence-based Practices have been established through replicated research to be effective in contributing to positive outcomes in the populations with which they have been studied.

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