Pain Management (PM) and Behavioral Health Professionals

In the behavioral health field, direct care workers help a wide variety of clients with a wide variety of ailments, disabilities, and conditions. For each of these clients, the ability to verbalize how they feel and verbalize the pain that they feel may be extremely challenging. In order to successfully help those clients that are challenged with this, direct care workers must become familiar with the best practices in helping with their clients' pain management. The courses in this section are designed to fit that exact purpose.

The Pain Management (PM) courses in this section are currently broken down into two areas, an Introduction to Pain Management, and Pain Management: Interdisciplinary Approaches. These PM courses provide both an introductory look into pain management and also provides those specific best practices for addressing the issues of pain as behavioral health professionals. Some of these courses offer additional CEU credits and are MI-CEC and MCBAP related.

2 Courses in Pain Management (PM)

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