Course Overview

This course is only open to employees who have completed the two-day DBT training through the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan. This course contains an information guide to prepare for the non-master's level DBT examination. It doesn't guarantee that you will pass but will assist you in being as prepared as possible, narrow your focus on specific topics you will be expected to know and give you an overview of the exam format. After reviewing the guide, the non-master's exam will become available to you. Please note that this is a closed-book exam. Referring to any materials or consulting colleagues during the exam is strictly prohibited.

  • Credit Hours: MCBAP-R (0.0) MCBAP-S (0.0) Mi-CEC (0.0) Nursing (0.0)
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Topics Covered

Preparing Behavioral Health Professionals to Join a DBT Team

This course provides a study guide for behavioral health professionals who have successfully completed the two-day DBT training offered through the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan and who plan take the Non-Masters Level Dialectical Behavior Therapy exam. Topics of this course will be provided in the study guide, but will not be provided here to ensure proper test-taking behavior.

The course also contains the non-master's DBT examination.  

Additional Considerations

Did you know that passing the DBT exam doesn't provide a formal certification in DBT?  Even so-when you successfully pass the exam, you will receive a certification of completion!

The DBT exam is intended to measure the degree of your understanding related to DBT concepts after you have completed the 2-Day Intro Training. 

Course Objectives

This 'closed book' exam measures your understanding of DBT as taught in the 2-Day DBT Intro Training through CMHAM.

What People Are Saying

I enjoyed the online module. It provided very helpful information and structure on this topic and how to implement it.

- Sam S.