Training & Curriculum Guidelines For Direct Care Staff Created By The Statewide Training Guidelines Work Group - A Committee of The Community Mental Health Association of Michigan

The State Training Guidelines Workgroup (STGW) is a committee of the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM). The purpose of the workgroup is to review and recommend training guidelines for support staff working in all types of support and service settings including, but not limited to, residential direct support staff. The workgroup is comprised of representatives from the Mental Health Association of Training (MHAT), the Provider Alliance, Provider agencies representing Developmental Disability and Mental Health/Illness services, Community Mental Health (CMH) agencies, parents and guardians, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and other stakeholders. 

The intended use of these statewide training guidelines is for the development and presentation of training content. The attached documents include a training grid for people providing direct support; curriculum guides which identify training topics, competencies, content, trainer qualifications, suggested length and format; and vetting tools.

The training grid below illustrates training requirements and options based on work setting and the needs of persons served. The guidelines were designed to address concerns related to reciprocity, uniformity, and the flexibility to stay current in an ever-changing environment. The legal requirements of the various oversight agencies were cross-referenced and are included within the guidelines. Curricula based on these guidelines will contribute to statewide uniformity, reciprocity, and portability. Guidelines also encompase Adult Foster Care (AFC) requirements.

These documents are to be used for educational purposes only and may not be copied and resold for profit or compensation. These guides have been endorsed by the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs) and recommended as a replacement to the Providing Residential Services in Community Settings training manual. They are intended as training tools for the benefit of persons who work with people receiving services through the Community Mental Health system. They are intended to be considered best practices.

Training Reciprocity: Implementation Guide

Direct Support Staff Training Requirements Grid

STGW Approved Training

PIHP training contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Review: MP4 of FAQs and How2 Vet

STGW Vetting Tool Submission Form

Assisting people with eating or swallowing difficulties

Autism spectrum disorder

Behavior crisis intervention

Best practice guidelines for online learning

Bloodborne Pathogens

Building natural supports


Crisis planning

Critical thinking and creative problem solving

Cultural competence

Documentation skills

Due process G A

Emergency preparedness

First aid

Food safety

Health and wellness

HIPAA and confidentiality

Human relationships

Immobility positioning

Infection control and standard precautions

Intro to human services


Lifts & transfers


Medication refresher


Person centered planning

Philosophy and current trends

Recipient rights

Suicide risk assessment and intervention

Teaching new skills

Train the trainer

Trauma informed services