Course Overview

This course will address dementia as it occurs among persons who use CMH services. Symptoms and the course of various types of dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and Frontotemporal dementia) will be described, as well as its co-occurrence with mental illness.  Misdiagnosis of dementia, the effects of brain changes in dementia on cognition, behavior, and functioning, and finally implications for intervention will be discussed.  Non-pharmacological intervention strategies that address dementia and are individualized to the person, disorder, and situation will be explored.

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Topics Covered

Learning the Symptoms of Dementia and Common Misdiagnosis

This course provides evidence-based research regarding the various conditions that fall under the dementia umbrella. This course will cover common symptoms of dementia in Older Adults including how dementia may factor into a co-occurring disease. Participants of this course will be provided with information regarding misdiagnosis of the disease as well as research findings regarding how the brain changes in these Older Adult clients. 

Utilizing CHM Services for Older Adult Clients

Community Mental Health Services in Michigan do provide various non-pharmaceutical intervention and support tactics for these Older Adult clients. This course provides the participants with resources for these various CMH services and best practices for implementing these support tactics with these clients. 

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