I misplaced the code to unlock a quiz. Can I get a new code?

Some courses provide a "quiz code" at the end of the video presentation or interactive module which must be entered in order to access the quiz. This is to assure the module was completed in full, which is a requirement of most certification agencies. Usually this will be a single word, all lowercase, displayed on the screen as the final slide. Alternately, the first 20 Motivational Interviewing modules use a special quiz code system unique to MI. These modules provide two custom-generated codes at the end of each module which themselves must be entered into a mini quiz entitled "Unlock the Quiz." If successfully entered, the actual quiz will unlock and can then be taken.

If you have completed a module and misplaced the code(s), you may be able to ask our staff (using the form to the right) to provide a bypass code. We will confirm through the backend software that you spent the minimum required time in the module itself (e.g., a 45-minute module would need to report at least 45 minutes of access inside the module).

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