There are several different terms used to describe consumers with co-occurring disorders (COD). Here are some of the most common and what they stand for:

  • MICA—mentally ill chemical abuser. This acronym is sometimes seen with two A's (MICAA) to signify mentally ill chemically addicted or affected. There are regional differences in the meaning of this acronym. Many states use it to refer specifically to persons with serious mental disorders.
  • MISA—mentally ill substance abuser.
  • MISU—mentally ill substance using.
  • CAMI—chemically abusing mentally ill, or chemically addicted and mentally ill.
  • SAMI—substance abusing mentally ill.
  • MICD—mentally ill chemically dependent.
  • Dually Diagnosed.
  • Dually disordered.
  • Comorbid disorders.
  • ICOPSD—individuals with co-occurring psychiatric and substance disorders.
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