Parent Management Training - Oregon model (PMTO™)

PMTO is an evidence-based structured intervention to help parents and caregivers manage the behavior of their children The PMTO method is designed to promote prosocial skills and cooperation and to prevent, reduce and reverse the development and maintenance of mild to moderate to severe conduct problems in children age 4 - 12. PMTO empowers parents as primary treatment agents to promote and sustain positive change in families. PMTO can be provided in a group setting as well which is called Parenting Through Change or PTC.

PMTO emphasizes, identifies, and builds upon strengths already present in parents, children, and their environment.

Parent Management Training Oregon model, developed by Gerald R. Patterson and his colleagues at the Oregon Social Learning Center, is an evidenced based best practice approach that recognizes the vital role parents play as being the primary change agents within their family. Parents are supported and encouraged as they learn skills they can utilize to provide appropriate care, instruction and supervision for their children. Clinicians utilize role-play and problem solving to promote the development of parents’ skills. Sessions with parents are structured yet flexible to deal with specific family needs and crises as they arise.

In order to assist clinicians with learning PMTO, sessions are videotaped. These videos primarily focus upon the efforts of the clinician, however the family is included in the videotaping. Videos are seen by trainers and coaches in order to provided coaching regarding the implementation of PMTO. Clinicians are encouraged to participate in group coaching sessions, which provide praise and support as well as the opportunity to problem solve various situations they may encounter. These videos are also utilized to ensure the fidelity of the PMTO model is upheld.

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