Course Overview

This course is Part (5) of a five (5) part series whereby Dr. Clifton Mitchell summarizes the content of the course and reviews the broad array of techniques that therapists may add to their repertoire to aid in the reduction of stress that can accompany engagement with their most frustrating clients. This would be appropriate for NBCC, CMHP, QMHP.

  • Duration: 1.0 hour
  • Credit Hours: MCBAP-R (0.0) MCBAP-S (0.0) Mi-CEC (0.0) Nursing (0.0)
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Topics Covered

Summarizing Therapeutic Resistance

In the final part of this course, all topics, and techniques will be reviewed and discussed by the course expert. This course will provide participants with additional techniques to increase engagement and decrease the overall resistance in difficult clients. 

What People Are Saying

The module was very informing and gave good examples of situations and how to handle them with specific drills.

- Elissa J.